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Front Entry Wood Doors

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Listed below are some examples of Commercial projects we have done:
  • Augusta Country Club (Home of the Master’s golf tournament)
  • Seven Springs Resort Condominiums
  • Annapolis Naval Academy
  • NASA Space Center
  • Ascension Island Naval Base
  • Lake Shore Country Club
  • Blessed Kateri Church
  • Saint Raymond’s School for Girls
  • Hot Topic Stores (nationwide)
  • Hilltop Mall
  • Mei Condominiums (“millionaire’s row”, Miami, FL)
  • Numerous historic renovation projects throughout the country

"The doors arrived yesterday and look fantastic. Really. We are so happy with our decision. If you ever need a testimonial or other customers want to talk with someone who has purchased, please don't hesitate to use me. For the modest increase over doors that one can find at a big box store, we have unique, real wood doors that match the appropriate time period of our home. We're pairing the doors with some older looking glass knobs, as well as push button light switches throughout the house... the combination will really add character and value!" - Wayne W., Washington D.C.

"Hello Mike, we were delayed by Lent but the doors finally went in this week. We had many very impressed parishioners. The doors came in better than expected. Pictured is the priest blessing the doors with Holy Water.
This is the the first step in an even larger project. I will be pushing for Wains Coating, moulding and an information desk to match. Thanks again for the great workmanship by your booted on the floor professionals. This is American workmanship at it's best and Please thank them on our behalf. Take care..."
Bill, Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Pottstown, Pa.
"P.S. You can see yourself and the plant on line on our website at
If you don't mind the plug I'll leave the sign on!"

“Hope all is well. The hunter project turned out great. That makes two very happy customers now. Attached is a request for quote on another project we are working on. Would you please price and return as soon as possible. Also how are the lead times running , same as before ??”
Ron - Laytonsville, Maryland

"Thank you for making our doors! They are beautiful and our carpenter was very pleased when installing them and how well it all went. Still have to install finials on hinges but other then that they look great and the V grooves came out very well and are a good compliment to our existing historic door. Thank you again and I will be showing the doors to other local architects and sharing your information with them."
MelissaMatherSTUDIO, Philadelphia, PA

"Hi, just wanted to let you know that today I got the door shipment moved from its drop point here to my house and so I finally got to see them. Wow! What an amazing set of doors. The web pictures are good, but don't do full justice to the beauty of them. An excellent price for a superior product! Allegheny Wood Works is definitely the go-to place for doors. What a great piece of luck that I found your firm on the internet. Now I just have a week of work or so to install them…"
Best regards, Glenn - Houghton, MI

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly impressed I am with the doors I’ve received! They exceed the quality for which even I was hoping.
I am renovating a 1913 Victorian farmhouse and had been searching for the past two years with little success for the perfect doors before I found your company. Three other manufacturers claimed, but failed to deliver, the quality you provided. The doors from you have continued to awe everyone that has seen their finished state.
You have impressed the pants off of me and, I’ll be the first to admit, that is very hard to do! I will be having an open house in a few months and would love it if I could hand out your business cards to my fellow Victorian era renovation enthusiasts. The doors themselves will be the brochure but I know that in the next few years you WILL be seeing more orders from Columbus, Ohio. An absolutely thrilled customer
”. – Alex from Columbus, Ohio

"Thanks Keri:
You are the end contact of a great team of customer service professionals that made this purchase very easy. I hope the doors are as great as the people at your plant.
Thank you,"

Dennis from Redding, CT
[referring to our office staff and the ordering process]

“Keri, just wanted to let you know my doors arrived safely, and now are installed. They are beautiful doors. The front door (AWW906) is stained to match (on the interior side) the rest of my 90-year old red oak trim in my home, and stained just a little lighter on the exterior side. It’s an absolutely beautiful door. The back door (AWW902) also looked beautiful, yet we needed that painted for where it was going. Please tell your folks who put these doors together, start to finish, “thanks” for me.”
-Terry from Wyoming

"I hope you had an enjoyable holiday season. I just wanted tell you everyone loved your doors.
Our holiday guests both family and friends thought they were beautiful. The doors are a great addition to our home. Carol and I thank you."

Jim in New Jersey

“Just want to let you know I received my doors last week. They are beautiful. They look like fine furniture. We are very happy with doors and the service from Allegheny Wood Works. Please let everyone there know what a good job they are doing.”
- Steve from Free Union, VA

"I received the doors and trim today and wanted to drop you a note regarding them. While I knew the quality was going to be high, Allegheny Wood Works has exceeded my expectations. The wood is excellent and the finish is furniture grade. When I have the house done, I will send you some photos of the completed items. Thank you and all the people at Allegheny that have helped make my house complete."
-Roy from New York

"We received the shipment of doors... The products are beyond our expectations, heavily constructed, nicely prefinished, and as we forward our external doors we will certainly contact Allegheny."
-Jim from Key West

"I just wanted to inform you that the doors my customer (Natalie) ordered from you arrived as ordered. I would like to tell you that I was very impressed with the quality of your product. As you can imagine, I was apprehensive ordering from a company located so far away. My concerns were laid to rest, though, as I unpacked the units. Species, swing, dimension, style, and components were all correct and of high quality. I look forward to dealing with your company again in the future."
-Alan from Woodstock

"We received the doors last Friday, and I just wanted to tell you we are very pleased with the workmanship and quality. Not only that, they are drop dead gorgeous. We want to thank everyone at your company that had a hand in making such a beautiful product that will be used and admired for many, many years. You have exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you so much!"
-Gary from Vermont

"The doors are being installed as we speak...they are gorgeous!!!!! Everyone who has seen them loves them! I will spread the word about your company and definitely use you again if I ever need doors in the future...(I hope not), I am sick of re-modeling...!"
-Margie in North Carolina

"The doors arrived yesterday in fine shape. They were installed today, and we have been marveling about how beautiful they are. Excellent craftsmanship and first class quality. I doubt that better doors can be had at any price. Please pass our kudos on to the folks in your shop."
-Eric from New Jersey

"We just finished installing the door that I purchased from AWW, and I was calling to complain...because they look SO good that they make the rest of my doors look bad! Now I am going to have to replace ALL of the doors in the house with your product. FANTASTIC workmanship.
-Joseph from California

"My wife Bette and I just wanted to give a great big "THANK YOU" for the wonderful quality of your products and the support you provided us during the ordering and installation process. Our builder had never quite seen anything like the "kit" that was delivered to our home, and it took him a while to figure it out. When his employee cut the astragal incorrectly, he was pretty frustrated and wondered aloud more than once why 'you didn't just buy a pre-hung door at Home Depot or Lowes'."
"The answer to that question is in the final result. The pictures are the reason strangers driving by often stop and say, 'Wow, what magnificent doors.' We noticed friends in our house often walking over to run their fingers over the panels and listen to the solid 'clunk' as the doors close solidly after swinging silently closed on their ball bearing hinges."
"My wife often sits in our kitchen window sipping her morning coffee and says, 'They are absolutely beautiful.'"
"From both of us, please extend our thanks to all the employees at Allegheny Wood Works. We spread your word far and wide but your products really speak for themselves; American craftsmanship is alive and well in Pennsylvania
-Carlo from New York

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