Front entry wood doors
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Front Entry Wood Doors

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Exterior Door Profile Options
Profile Options: (click below to view photos of profile options)

P1 Cove with M1 Ogee

P1 Cove with M2 Rounded

P2 Slant with M1 Ogee

P2 Slant with M2 Rounded

P3 Flat with M3 Mission

For raised panel doors select either P1-cove (our standard) or P2-slant for the panel profile. Also select either M1-ogee (our standard) or M2-rounded for the molding profile. These profiles can be interchanged to your choice.

For mission doors select P3-flat for the panel profile (3/4" thick flat panel) and M3-square edge for the molding profile.

For a 1-3/8" thick door, the only way to have a flat panel with molded profiles M1 or M2 is to use 1/4" thick plywood as the panel material. For a 1-3/4" thick door, with profiles M1 or M2 we can use 1/2" thick solid wood panels. This is often required when doing restoration work and replicating doors from the early 1900's.

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