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Front Entry Wood Doors

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Factory Finished Front Entry Wood Doors
Allegheny Wood Works, Inc. offers factory finishing on all of its wood products. We use Sherwin Williams products because of their product quality and availability to customers nationwide for stain selection and stain matching throughout their home/office.

We also offer color matching of custom stains. Simply send us a sample to match (please recognize that all stains and woods will vary in color from board to board and can to can). We will also apply other brands of stain per your direction if you wish to blend with stained product that you already have.

Finishing includes one coat of stain (optional) and two coats of high quality conversion varnish (varnish finish available in Gloss, Medium rubbed effect, and Dull rubbed effect).

Pricing listed below is based on using one of our standard Sherwin Williams stains. AWW standard Sherwin Williams stains include:

Autumn Oak
Dark Oak
Golden Hickory
80/20 (AWW blend)
Dark Walnut
Exterior Wood Door and Jamb Set
Stain and/or varnish
Prime and Paint

$175 (No jamb reduce cost by $20)
$175 (No jamp reduce cost by $20)
Exterior Trim, Molding, S-4-S Boards
Stain and varnish (up to 6" wide)
Stain and varnish (6" to 9" wide)
Stain and varnish (over 9" wide)
Varnish Only (up to 6" wide)
Varnish Only (6" to 9" wide)
Varnish Only (over 9" wide)

$0.59 per lineal foot
$0.69 per lineal foot
$0.79 per lineal foot
$0.48 per lineal foot
$0.58 per lineal foot
$0.68 per lineal foot
Additional Cost Items
(add to the above prices)
1. Glass Doors
Full view and 5-lite doors
10-lite and 9-lite Prairie Doors
15-lite doors

2. 8-Foot Tall Doors

3. Custom Matching/Blending

Add $30 per door
Add $40 per door
Add $55 per door

Add $25 per door

$95 per color
Your sample is sent to Sherwin Williams where their computerized matching technology is used to "match" your color. A sample of this stain is then put on the wood choice for your doors and sent to you for approval.

Customer specified stain (non-standard) $35 per color
This would be a nationally recognized brand stain color or color formula that you have already chosen locally (including Sherwin Williams stains that are not one of our standard colors). We will send you a sample of the stain on the wood choice for your doors for approval.

Item 3 finishing (color match and non-standard stains) require approval by customer of a stain sample prior to products being finished. The above fee includes one stain sample being sent to the customer for approval. If, for whatever reason, additional samples must be sent, then the customer will be assessed additional fees per the fee structure listed below for purchasing stain samples.

4. Stain Samples
Stain samples on the wood of your choice or wood samples can be purchased. Up to three stain samples or wood samples sent at the same time costs $7.50 (sent UPS Ground). For requests over three samples or shipment other than UPS Ground costs will be assessed at actual UPS charge plus $3.00 per sample.

Click on the wood species below to see a description of that wood and a selection of some of the most popular stains applied on that specific wood.
While samples or pictures will give a close idea of color, please keep in mind that wood is a natural product and will vary in color and texture from board to board and stains will also vary in color from can to can. Due to the inherent variations of stain and of wood, Allegheny Wood Works is not responsible for slight variations in color or coverage, including blotching due to wood grain, on stained products.
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