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Front Entry Wood Doors

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you do custom designs?
Yes, we can do most custom designs. Whether it be duplicating a current design you have, a design you've seen elsewhere, or a designer/architect's design, we can work with you to achieve your design goals.

2. Do you sell direct to homeowners?
Yes, we sell to all of our customers with manufacturer direct pricing. Our expert staff will work with you through the entire ordering process.

3. Do you sell for commercial applications?

4. Do you ship doors to my area?
All of our products are shipped to you via common carrier. We can have the doors delivered wherever you would like anywhere in the US or Canada.

5. Can I visit your facility?
Yes. We encourage our customers to visit our facility if they would like. Our 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Lake City, PA (just outside Erie, PA).

6. Is there a showroom or some place where I can see your product near me?
Allegheny Wood Works, Inc. is an internet-based business. Therefore, we do not have retail outlets with showrooms. We are constantly updating our website to enhance the experience for all of our customers with an abundance of full color photos and detailed construction and design information. Also, wood samples and corner samples are available.

7. Do you offer discounts for Contractors/Architects?
All of our discounts are based on quantity. We offer a 5% discount on any order of 5-15 doors and a 10% discount on order of 15 doors or more.

8. Do you offer factory finishing?
Yes. We recommend that your products be finished at the factory whenever possible. Our finish is furniture grade and will maximize the life and beauty of your product. We offer standard stains or clear coating as well as custom matching of stains. Follow the link for detailed finishing information.

9. What wood species do you recommend?
This is a very complicated question. Your species choice depends on a lot of factors. What type of look are you going for? Did you want a lighter or a darker decor? Do you prefer a lot of grain character? Is this an interior or an exterior door? Are you going to be painting the door? All of these questions should be considered when choosing your wood species. Discuss these questions with one of our sales people, and they can help narrow down he choices. But, in the end, customer preference is the final deciding factor. Follow the link for detailed information and photos about our species options for wood doors.

10. How do I hang one of your doors in my opening?
All of our pre-hung unit's ship to you knocked down. So, hanging the door is a simple matter of re-assembling the jamb and installing it in your opening. Follow the link for full installation instructions.

11. I want to buy an exterior door. What wood species do you recommend?
We have several options for exterior wood doors. African Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Brazilian Cherry, Sapele Mahogany, and White Oak are all the best options for exterior applications. However, any wood species can be used for exterior if it is finished, maintained, and protected properly. Follow the link for detailed information and photos about our species options for wood doors.

12. Why are your doors less expensive than ones I have found on other sites?
Are they truly solid wood doors? We are able to offer our low prices because we are the manufacturer. All of our pricing is factory direct, no middleman. Our pricing formula is a simple one: manufacturing cost (kept low by volume and state of the art equipment) plus raw material cost (kept low due to volume purchasing and/or proximity to material) plus a reasonable profit (only one profit center. No distributor/retail mark-ups). Our doors are all solid wood. NO MDF, NO fiberboard, NO bladder panels.

13. Your door sizes say 2/6, 3/0, etc. What does this mean?
In construction terms, these numbers translate to feet/inches. So, a 2/6 door is 2 feet 6 inches or 30". This is a reflection of the opening, from jamb to jamb, that the door is going to be hung in, not the door size itself. So, after the jambs are in the opening for a 2/6 designated door width, if you measure the width of the inside of the jambs, it should come out very close to 30". If you purchase “slab” doors, then the doors are approximately 1/16” under the “door width”, as explained, and you can final size them from that dimension to fit your opening.

14. Do you have any doors in inventory ready to sell and ship?
Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of solid wood products, it is not advisable to make and inventory final products. All of our products are made on an order-by-order basis. We do have several different programs available that can reduce the lead-time on our products. Contact one of our salespeople to discuss the different options available.

15. What size should my rough opening be for an interior and/or exterior door?
Typically, the rough opening for an interior door should exceed the door width by 2" and the door height by about 2-1/2". So, for a 2/6 x 6/8 door (30" x 80"), your rough opening should be at least 32" wide by 82-1/2" tall. For exterior doors, the rough opening should exceed the door width by 2" and the door high by 3-1/2".

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